Should You Get Juiced?

For the past 3 weeks I conducted an experiment on myself.

It started out as a mission to take my health and well-being to the next level, (I believe there are many levels of health). My diet is clean, my exercise regime tough, but I still felt like I could feel better, and wow was I right. Combining a clean whole food diet, devoid of processed foods, and any artificial ingredients (for more go check out: Healthy Lifestyle Essentials) and a solid cardiovascular and strength training program 6 days a week, I unleashed my bodies true potential; superhuman amounts of energy, a natural high, and improved digestion and feelings of well-being.

 My goals

Improve the way I felt.

Improve my digestion.

Increase energy without using stimulants.

Increase physical performance and endurance.

Decrease recovery time after intense exercise.

I want to be healthy to avoid diseases such as cancers, heart disease, degenerative brain disorders and the like. I also want to keep my body working optimally, (stay in shape and stay fit) so that I can achieve more. I believe that by being healthy we can reach our full potential. I want to minimize any potential limitations and  live a great, exciting life. I want to give my body and mind what it needs so that I can flourish.

There is no static ideal state of health. Our bodies are constantly facing different challenges. Thus it is vital to continually aim to reach for ways to maximize our health. With this in mind I shifted the bar further up than just eating healthy and exercising. I started looking at how I can maximize my body’s nutrient absorption. I knew that there had to be a natural way to reach my goals. While many factors are at play, one significant change that I made pushed me into that “flourishing” zone. We started juicing regularly.

Benefits of Juicing 

  • Highly bio-available.
  • Alkalize the body.
  • Contains naturally occurring enzymes required by the body for good functioning.
  • Cleanse the body.
  • Build and regenerate the body.
  • Neutralizes toxins
  • Cleanses your stomach and digestive tract.
  • Invigorates glands of the digestive system (Increases enzymatic activity).
  • Anti-Aging.
  • Lowers risk of Cancer.

For therapeutic purposes drink your fresh juice on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning, to maximize the absorption of the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. Fresh juices are very quickly assimilated into the bloodstream, 15 minutes or less. So have a juice and delay breakfast by 10-20 minutes. By drinking your juice on a empty stomach in the morning aids in elimination of food residue which can clog up your system leading to poor absorption.

What fresh juice does in the body.

Fresh raw concentrated fruit and vegetable juice provide our bodies with highly bio-available essential vitamins and minerals. Fruit juices have a cleansing action, while vegetable juices build and help regenerate cells of the body, (amazingly your GIT is rebuilt every 72 hours). It is important to introduce both fruit and vegetables into your body to assist your body in restoring and rebuilding.

Our bodies functions best when our pH is approximately 7.39. External factors such as stress, digestion, metabolism, pollution and daily living decrease our bodies pH ( increasing acidity). Concentrated natural juice is high in Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Manganese which are all alkalizing thus increasing the bodies pH (Decreasing acidity).


Fresh raw fruit and vegetable juice initiates detoxification. If your current diet is generally unhealthy (Processed carbohydrates, fried foods and fast foods for example). You first need to improve your diet (Eat more fresh raw whole foods, lean meats, legumes, eggs, healthy fats, plenty of fibre and drink clean spring water). Assist your body by introducing fresh raw juices. Start with a small glass of fresh juice in the morning and slowly increase until you can drink larger amounts. This limits the side effects you will feel as the build up of toxins in your body are released and excreted. Drink fresh juice daily.
Consider a weekly juice cleanse, it is an official therapy in both France and Russia. For one day of the week ( I do this on Sundays) do a juice fast. Consume only fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices for that day. Even though I have a good diet, I found that by doing this weekly I cleansed my body and improved it’s function to peak levels. You need to consume between 1-3.5 Litres of juice through the day during a one day juice fast, I will easily enjoy 2 Litres of fresh juice on a sunday afternoon.

How We Juice

Our juicing ritual; every Sunday evening we make juice for the next 3 days as our schedule does not allow us to juice in the week. It is important to store your juice in a airtight glass container in the fridge, this way you can store juice for up to 3 days. To preserve the nutrients we store our juices in recycled 300 ml glass bottles. Another trick to preserve your juice is by using Vitamin C, found naturally in lemons. This acts as an antioxidant keeping your juice from going of. For this reason I always use lemons in my juice. Alternatively add the powdered version; Ascorbic Acid to your juice to preserve it naturally. Here are two of our favourite juice recipes.


The Hulk:

1 bunch Celery – Prevents memory loss.

2 bunches of kale, I like flat leaf kale/ Tuscan kale – increases cardiac health, decreases oxidative stress.

2 lemons – stimulates digestion, cleanses liver of toxins.

1 cucumber – water dense, hydrates cells.

1 pineapple – improves respiratory health, aids in weight loss, helps prevent cancer, increases heart health.

4 apples – helps avoid Alzheimers, slows down neural degeneration, decreases risk of pancreatic cancer, prevents                           gallstones.
4-8 cm piece of ginger – natural intestinal spasmolytic, (relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract which helps soothes an upset stomach), prevents nausea, reduces the side effects of chemotherapy such as dizziness, nausea, and cold sweats.


Purple Power:

1 Kg. carrots- beta carotene, eye health as well as increasing immune function.
1 Kg. beetroot- increases physical performance, reduces blood pressure, (For more on beetroots benefits see: Well-Being Secrets)
2 lemons- alkalizes and cleanses the body.

We love fresh juice and will easily drink 1 litre of our green juice (A.K.A The Hulk) after we finished juicing, it is powerfully alkalizing and gives a massive boost to your metabolism due to the cleansing action on the gastrointestinal tract.

I found drinking beetroot juice before training significantly improves my endurance and strength. We have our “Purple Power” juice first thing in the morning on a empty stomach as it increases nitric oxide and thus blood flow. For this reason beetroot juice works amazingly to boost sexual performance and act as a natural aphrodisiac. Beetroot helps lower blood pressure, is anti-aging, and can be used as a hangover cure.

I love making “The Hulk” juice recipe once a week. It provides me with as much green juice  as I need for 2-3 days. Green juice makes a massive difference and once your body recognizes that all of the “good stuff” it is receiving comes from the juice you will literally start to crave a fresh cold juice.

If you are keen on starting to juice I suggest investing in a good quality masticating juicer. I use the Oscar Juicer DA900. In the long run it is a lot cheaper than buying fresh juice daily.

Do a little bit each day to improve your health. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.


Leave a comment with your juicing recipes and ideas.






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